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9 Easy Steps in Organizing a Baby Shower

9 Easy Steps in Organizing a Baby Shower

Pre-motherhood and pregnancy are collected moments of highs and lows to Moms-to-be. Make the future Mommy extra happy by organizing a baby shower as soon as you hear the news. Well, after the customary Congratulations.

To help you out, here are easy surefire ways on throwing a cool and fun baby shower:

1. Ask for help

You can’t do it alone, and if you do, two (or more) heads are better than one. It will be fun if you buddy up with another friend, or sister or anyone that could actually contribute. It’s best to bounce ideas off someone else, right?

2. Let the Mommy know

Ask her the things she’ll need as your gifts. She would appreciate a tour in the babies’ section or better yet, buy from there. Make a newborn checklist to make it quick and simple, and to help her even more. The level-up version of shopping with your friends will never be this fun.

3. Set the budget

You and your friends ideally will shoulder the expenses through contributions or potlucks. This should not be a problem since it doesn’t have to be costly, it should just be fun.

4. Set the date

Ideally, it’s 6-8 weeks before the estimated delivery. Most probably, that is the time where the mother-to-be is starting to slow down at work and everything that is physically tiring. Her tummy gets bigger that’s why these kinds of event help her self-esteem and sense of belongingness.

5. Think of a good venue

Decide if you want to have a place rented, or you want to stay in someone else’s home or if you want it to be outdoor. Research on a good venue and make the reservations as soon as possible.

6. Agree on a theme

You will never find a boring baby shower – it’s always fun and out of the box. It has to be something mommy-related such as what she’ll be doing in the early days of being a mother. When you’re setting the theme, consider if you’re going to invite the future dad and some guy friends to join in. Also, factors like decorations, food and the cake will go and should go alongside with the baby shower’s theme.

7. Organize games

A baby shower is dull without fun games. Games such as guessing the tummy size or baby pictures of the guests or baby names, etc. If the party is co-ed, ask the guys participation on beer (or juice) drinking challenge on a baby bottle. A pinning game is also exciting too! Pinning the a picture of a sperm cell to a picture that looks like an egg cell like pinning the tail of the donkey game.

8. Add special touches

As much as possible, personalize everything. You may try to morph the pictures of the parents or make a poster of their baby pictures. If the parents already have a name, it’s great to put it on the wall. These items are memorable items that can soon be put into the baby’s nursery.

9. Don’t forget to take pictures

This is a memorable event for the mom-to-be, the dad, you and your friends. Don’t forget to capture the memories as you can never throw a baby shower again once the baby is out.

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