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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions most venue owners and property managers ask:

Sign up is free and forever will be. You can list unlimited event spaces once you are a verified business, and you will have complete access to the convenience of our seamless booking system.

For added exposure and to let your brand standout from the rest, we offer premium packages for additional perks in your listing pages, a “Featured” status on your venue listings, advertisement banners, and extra boosts thru our paid campaigns. Email us at bd@venuespring.com for more information. 

Listing your venue is a breeze! Sign up, create your profile, customize your listing, and you’re good to go. Our user-friendly interface will guide you through the process.

1. Sign up as an Owner and complete your profile. 
2. Select between Event Space Only or Event Space with Accommodation.

Event Space Only – These are event spaces that can be rented only by the hour, fixed hours, or for a whole day.

Event Space with Accommodation – These are venues that offer rooms with sleeping capacities for overnight events or activities.

3. Fill-up the information required and make sure to be as accurate as possible.
4. Choose to receive message and inquiries, accept booking requests, or accept instant bookings. 
5. Wait for approval. All listings are subject to admin approval to verify details as well as your business.
6. Once approved, make sure to add your Paypal and/or your Bank Account details for your rental income payouts. 

When users send you booking requests, you’ll receive email notifications. You can then review, accept, or decline these requests via your dashboard.

You have the complete ownership of your listing. You can set your rental offers (if it’s per hour, per fixed hours, per day, etc.) and set regular prices based on those offers.

If you choose per hour, then enter your regular price per hour and enable price per hour in the Booking and Pricing Settings. 

When a guest books your venue, he/she chooses a date, start time and end time and sees the sub-total amount due. You can also add extra charges with line items that you offer per event space listing. 

By default, booking requests are subject to your approval, but if your availability calendar is up-to-date, you can enable Instant Bookings that are automatically confirmed once payment is successful. 

You set your own pricing models and policies. If you choose pencil booking, then you set the prices with your pencil booking fee. If you choose per hour, then you set the prices with your hourly rate.

Just make sure to still insert your full rate cards in the description section to let users know your actual rates. But overall, you can adjust your rates and terms as needed.

For Booking Requests, once you approve a booking, the guest will receive a payment link and he/she has the option to pay via GCash, Maya, Bank Transfers, or Debit Card and Credit Card with Paypal. For Instant Bookings, no approval is required and booking is automatically confirmed upon payment.

Your rental income will be automatically sent to you 1-2 business days after a successful booking transaction. We deduct a 10% service fee to help us cover our costs and help us acquire new users. 

To help Venuespring run smoothly and to cover the cost of services like payout fees, we charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed. It is fixed at 10% of the total transaction amount. 

This fee is calculated from the booking subtotal (hourly or daily rate + extra charges + additional guest fee, if applicable) and is automatically deducted from Owner payouts.

Yes, you have complete flexibility on our website. If you choose not to use our booking system, you can just enable the Contact Form widget and guests will be able to send messages to you directly for inquiries or booking requests. 

If the cancellation is made within 2 days after the date of the booking transaction, Venuespring can cancel the booking and issue the refund. 

If the cancellation is made 3 days or more after the date of the booking transaction, you have the responsibility as the Owner to refund the Guest based on your own Cancellation and Refund Policy. 

Simply choose Pencil Booking as the Pricing Model of your listing, and when you set the prices (Regular Price and Weekend Price), type in your own pencil booking fee. 

Just make sure not to activate Per Guest and Per Hour options so that the pencil booking fee will just be a fixed fee based on a selected date. 

Venue booking made easy.

Questions most event planners and activity organizers ask:

Use our search and filter options to discover venues that match your event’s criteria, such as location, size, and amenities.

Sign up is free and forever will be. When booking an event space, there are no additional fees. In fact, we are constantly working with venue providers to provide exclusive discounts only for Venuespring users!

We understand that organizing an event can be very complex with so many considerations at play. Our platform offers pencil bookings as a pricing model for the venues. If it is not activated in the listing, you can always message the Owner directly. We can also help you directly with our Venuespring Concierge services, your personal event assistant. 

Guests can pay for the booking thru GCash, Maya, Grabpay, Shopeepay, BPI Online Transfer, Unionbank Online Transfer, Over-the-Counter remittance centers like LBC, Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier, Billease, or thru Debit and Credit Cards powered by Paypal.

Absolutely! Just inquire here and we’ll do our best to provide you with recommendations. 

Once you’ve found the perfect space, send a booking request directly to the venue owner. They will review and respond to your request.

The venue owner will review your request and may accept, decline, or request more information. Communication between you and the venue owner is essential, so we made it easy on our website to exchange messages with venue owners.

While some venues share their video virtual tours and detailed descriptions, some venues may allow on-site visits. You can discuss this with the venue owner directly by messaging in their respective contact forms.

More questions?

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Is Venuespring available outside of the Philippines?

While we just started in the Philippines, our goal is to eventually expand worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on our international launch.

What's Venuespring's role in the booking process?

We're a platform that connects venue owners and event organizers. We facilitate bookings, offer support, and ensure a secure environment for your transactions.

Can you manage our event space bookings for us?

Absolutely! We can provide you with exclusive management of your listing and booking calendar. You can just sit tight, focus on property management, wait for your rental income, and we'll do all the sales. Email us at bd@venuespring.com for your request.

How do you prevent scam and fraud?

At Venuespring, security and trust are paramount. We invest time and effort into verifying sign-ups and listing submissions. We require business documents for verification, and we ensure that inaccurate, missing, or incorrect listing details are not published with the booking function. Our commitment to providing a secure platform is a top priority, safeguarding the interests of both venue owners and event organizers.

Do you accept church venues?

Yes, we have a Church venue category for events like Baptism and Weddings.

Can we partner with you?

Certainly! Venuespring is an innovative startup that values collaboration. We are open to partnerships that bring mutual benefits and value to our community. Whether you're an event-related service provider, brand advertiser, or have creative ideas for collaboration, we're excited to explore partnerships that enhance our platform and provide added value to our users. Email us at partnerships@venuespring.com. We'd love to hear from you!